I am really thrilled over this class and just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to be part of it.  It is only the second week and I've already learned so many invaluable things about my trade; my passion.  You and David have been super awesome, so thank you for being so real with everyone.  The industry needs more people like you.

Michael Wilts

Anyone contemplating attending David Rountree’s Workshop, think no more! I have taken many of his workshops over the years and each one is not only educational, it is fun, fulfilling, entertaining, and inspiring. David teaches from real world experiences, because he really works in the field! Not only that but I know first hand that David uses students from his classes on films he is currently working on! (Bonus!)

 He understands actors fears, and helps prepare each actor for REAL LIFE, whether it be auditions, meetings or being on set.  I was lucky enough to meet David years ago, and he has continued to be not only a teacher, but a mentor and a friend. His classes are interactive and challenging for actors of all levels. He respects everyone and has a great way of teaching by letting each actor be involved. You can expect to get up and work for the majority of the class! Woo Hoo! Also, you can’t beat the price. He is a solid guy in knowing that actors want to learn and progress but can’t always afford the big bucks certain “classes” demand. Sign up for his class and you will leave there a more relaxed, focused and committed actor. 

Kristin Vahl

Director/Actor/Producer David Rountree is a gift to any actor who has established themselves in the industry with workable credits and is ready to take their training to another level. He exudes the confidence and energy of someone who is active in his trade. I experienced first hand his dedication to instruction, and his sharing of knowledge, both practical and technical, in a safe intimate setting, and state of the art facility. It is rare to get this interaction and insight from a Director.  As a Casting Director, I found his style ideal for being able to assess an actor's personality, range and strengths.   For an actor, they will be able to chart and see via video of their evolution of a scene performance.  I will definitely recommend his class as often as I can. 

Pamela Staton Casting

David as a friend, writer and director has one of the hardest working minds and bodies that I know…those qualities teaching an acting class make one kick ass combination! That coupled with working on scenes from upcoming projects really is a no-brainer. Now go Get it!

Kiko Ellsworth (Bad Boys 2, Heroes, Dexter) - Emmy Award Winning Artist, Author & Creator

Awesome group! Exciting to work with and extremely helpful tips that would improve even the best of the biz.

Joshua Radway


The class is an amazing experience and the teacher David Rountree’s perspective on acting for camera film/ television is insightful, relevant and really worth the time if you’re an actor serious about your camera readiness and onset professionalism. He even covers audition technique tips to help actors book more consistently.

Chioke ChiChi Dmachi

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I enjoyed how the script was broken down from the view point of the director / writer, offering the actors to gain better character depth.

Miguel Cuevas

All the info and lessons that I learned are now irreplaceable. Definitely glad I took a chance on this workshop. I am so much more advanced with my acting now.

Marco Antonio Martinez Magallanes

He was such a wonderful delight to be around and gave so much valuable information. I will definitely continue to take his workshops and use the skills gained for my future in the industry! Everyone should meet him!

Dara Legard


It was a great experience. We got to see the production's point of view when it comes to shooting different angles on camera. David Rountree was very helpful on giving us tips from a director's point of view and adviced us on many different things such as auditions and what it is casting directors are looking for from actors. This is a must attend workshop to increase your acting and castibility.

Rebecca Bermudez

David Rountree has created a very helpful course that provides lot's of answers to an actor trying to make it. He is humble in such answers and expresses that knowledge learned from other A list mega stars in a thoughtful and kind way. bottom line the class is fun, and welcoming.

Justin Wilson

This was fabulous. So many great pointers. I stayed late each night just to soak up everything.

Diana Sara Buck

One of the most amazing experiences since joining the military. So much fun and excitement, absolutely enjoyable and educational.

Javier Perez

Learning experience is so amazing and I’m thankful for David’s guidance he is a great coach for upcoming actors!

Annabelle Myers