On-Set, On-Camera workshop 4 weeks (Phase II)

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Our studio is organized and instituted by award-winning filmmaker and director David Rountree.  Some of the studio sessions are used to showcase parts of the actual scripts he or his other colleagues are set to move to production.. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1116017/

The writers and producers of the upcoming feature films see the actual filmed footage from actors in his classes. The classes are kept to a small number to ensure everyone has extensive on-camera acting time. Every class is filmed and you are acting in fully filmed and professionally directed scenes with multiple cameras. This workshop provides high-quality footage that many actors use for demo reel footage!

Actors must successfully complete Phase I and II and demonstrate a much higher commitment to film acting to move on to our Advanced Acting Workshop and Masterclass.  Phase 2 introduced comedy, but will also include a dramatic scene as well.