LA Acting Studios - Teen Acting Workshop (4 weeks)

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Saturdays 3-6 pm (4 Week Workshops)

Teen actors work on REAL SETS, with REAL CAMERAS, and REAL CREWS.

LA Acting Studios focuses on substantial growth on camera for teens during this important stage of development in a young actor's career. Actors have access to the filmed footage after every session. 

*PROUD OF 2 of our young actors who have recently become SERIES REGULARS on MAJOR SHOWS!

Our actors have the unique opportunity to work in professionally directed fully filmed scenes with a full crew each month. Teens are in front of the cameras every week and have access to their filmed footage after every session. This not only gives actors valuable onset experience, but the opportunity to use their stellar footage to create dynamic demo reels. 

We focus on building self confidence with teen actors in a caring and supporting way that leads to rapid growth with acting in front of the camera.  Parents will have a link to download the footage and see their teen's work for every class. This dramatically helps both the parents and teens learn from watching themselves on film.

Techniques taught will include how to effectively tell the best story possible by understanding story,  mastering camera angles, blocking, movement, body language, scene analysis, character development, line delivery, and most importantly, how to truly embody the characters.

The final week we film the entire scene with a full crew. Many of our actors have this footage edited together for demo reel purposes.  

LA Acting Studios is run by award-winning director David Rountree. David was recently listed in the Hollywood Reporter and IMDb as one of the Top 10 Hollywood directors under 40. He has produced/directed 6 feature films, with each of the last 2 being released in theaters. He is currently in development with a new television series. Some of David’s credits include Pearl Harbor, xXx: State of the Union, CUT!, 7th Heaven, NCIS, The OC and Kiefer Sutherland’s hit show: Designated Survivor.