Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Camera Techniques

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This is a hands on 4 week workshop that will dramatically increase your camera knowledge and technique. It will take your camera work and skill to a more advanced level and allow you to offer you camera skills to film productions and projects including increasing the production value of your own film projects. Having this knowledge is helpful to actors, directors, PA's, camera operators, producers and many other film positions. Taught by director, editor and expert camera operator Jesse Koester. 

Week 1 focuses on understanding the camera. Topics include basics of sensor plates and lenses, understanding F-Stop and the relationship between the iris, light and depth of field, understanding ISO and grain and understanding shutter speed.

Week 2 centers around understanding audio including the basics of microphones and recorders, how to think about sound in movies and how to best understand the goals of on set sound acquisition (the difference between what we hear and what we listen to), and basic self-micing strategies.

Week 3 is all about understanding post production including ingesting footage, labeling and sorting footage, organizing your post work space for maximum efficiency, outputting for internet delivery and stretch goal - keyboard shortcuts.

Week 4:  Show Us What Ya Got! Practical hands on experience filming, recording audio and post production!