Next Level Actor by Emmy nominated and 2 time SAG winner Geoffrey Blake - 4 weeks

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Taught by Emmy nominated actor Geoffrey Blake. A two time Sag Award winner and an Emmy nominee, Geoffrey is a 40 year veteran of film, television, and stage. He has been a part of multiple Oscar winning Best Pictures, and worked with Oscar winners and nominees like Tom Hanks, Jodie Foster, Ron Howard, Ed Harris, Helen Hunt, and Kevin Bacon.

His credits include:

Forrest Gump                    Young Guns                    Frost/Nixon
Man in the High Castle      Godfather of Harlem       Contact
Apollo 13                            Cast Away                      Midway

And many more...

Influenced by mentors Larry Moss and Peggy Feury,
Geoffrey helps actors find their unique voice and nurture their unique self.

The class is focused on a deep understanding and personal connection to become that next level actor., coupled with a variety of improvisation, relaxation, sense memory, and story exercises. (Students are also welcome to work on their own written pieces, and auditions in class).

Geoffrey also provides valuable career guidance, and
mentoring, sharing his knowledge of the business, agents, managers, casting directors etc.

Mondays On Line 5pm to 6pm